• Our Advantages

    The company produces various explosion-proof fans, electric rainproof louvers, and special fans for subway tunnel corridors

    • First-class technical talents

      First-class technical talents

      Zhejiang Fengren has first-class technical testing capabilities

    • advanced equipment

      advanced equipment

      Advanced production technology and sound quality assurance system

    • Scientific and modern management

      Provide fast after-sales service

      The corporate philosophy of providing high-quality services to users to the maximum extent possible

    Zhefeng Technology meets your diverse needs

    All kinds of explosion-proof fans, electric rain proof louvers and special fans for subway tunnel pipe gallery produced by the company are famous for their low energy consumption, high efficiency and excellent safety performance. The products have passed the qualification test of national inspection institutions and obtained relevant licenses, and have been widely used in large Fossil fuel power station, nuclear power plants, advanced civil buildings, tunnel subways, urban underground pipe gallery The ventilation systems of various hospitals and other industries have received unanimous praise.


    The various explosion-proof fans, electric rain proof louvers, and special special fans for subway tunnel corridors produced by the company are known for their low energy consumption, high efficiency, and excellent safety performance.

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    We are your trustworthy partner!

    Zhejiang Zhefeng Technology Co., Ltd Located in Shangyuliang Lake, the hometown of Yingtai, adjacent to the Hangzhou Ningbo and Shangsan expressways, and more than 90 kilometers away from Hangzhou and Ningbo respectively, the transportation is extremely convenient. It is a professional enterprise that produces fans, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. The enterprise has complete production equipment and advanced testing equipment. For many years, it has implemented scientific research cooperation with research institutions such as the Institute of Fluid Engineering at Zhejiang University ..

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    匠心模具 從浙風塑業開始

    Success Cases

    All the efforts and progress of Zhefeng Technology are aimed at winning the recognition and support of customers. We will continue to uphold the company's service tenet and development philosophy, and work together with customers to create brilliance with persistent efforts.


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